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2007-08-02 21:48:30 ET

Dear god! Nooooo!
But yes!
I watched "300" today. I must say that I loved it. After watching it I wanted to walk outside and start a war with 300 of my own fighters, yes by fighters I mean each drawing I have in my art book. XD

I went swimming with Derek and his cousins tonight. It was fun.

2007-08-03 19:49:29 ET


I'm about to buy it. I don't buy movies.

2007-08-04 22:27:58 ET

Yay! I say buy it!!!! The Spartan's compel you! lol. I hear they're going to make a movie about King Aurther in a simular fashion as 300. That might be fun to watch.

2007-08-05 16:25:39 ET

I have only one thing to say: war rhino.

2007-08-07 20:29:47 ET

O.o ???? I'm lost. What's a "War Rhino"?

2007-08-09 09:45:53 ET

The war rhino in 300 man! I loved that rhino! I proclaimed its awesomeness from the rooftops! For a time, I even ceased my constant demands for someone to get me a pony and started asking for a war rhino instead!

2007-08-17 05:33:47 ET

lol! okay now I follow. I didn't remember that until I finally remembered the barbarians that it stomped over in the movie!

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