The weekend
2008-03-09 18:14:18 ET

The weekend

Well I've liked this weekend so far. It snowed most of friday night into Saturday around noon. It was actually very nice to watch. I went to cookeville and bought somemore books at Books-a-million. I've become a fan of Susan Wright and others like her. Very nice novels. Today I actaully got some sleep and rest. My truck is still bucking but not as bad since I put some new parts into her this evening.

2008-03-09 18:20:35 ET

i envy you and your snow. as for susan wright i think i have only read one of her star trek novels and i don't remember much of it. have any suggestions though? i'm always up for a good read!

2008-03-22 06:35:42 ET

^_^ Well I'm a fan of robert jordan, susan wrights "A pound of flesh", David Ebbings, A book called The Wayfayers Redemption (very nice book!), and if you like books of scifi artwork then boris vallego and luis royo are good books to have.

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