2010-06-03 14:24:59 ET

It's been about a week now. I had to put my puppy Monster down. He became pretty ill. The vet couldn't do anything for him, so we put him down and buried with him my older dog Grunt.
Still job hunting. This state sucks with jobs.

Side Note:
It seems I'm constantly collecting nicknames from random people everywhere I go. Today I went to the gas station to get a pack of cig's and the lady behind the counter announced that she is going to start calling me "Dead-eye" due to the lifeless look in my eyes. Or so she says. I think old age is getting to her. But hell if it knocks off a buck from the price, more power to her.

2010-06-03 15:02:50 ET

thats soo tough, i'm sorry

2010-06-09 20:14:01 ET

Beat that ass! Totally random but I just found an old picture of Grunt I found not long ago...

2010-06-10 19:20:03 ET

Thanks Tym.

WMU can you send me a link of it or something? Poor old grunt. He was insane.

2010-06-21 17:11:13 ET

Actually its an actual picture so sorry on the link... Maybe I could mail it?

2010-07-10 15:54:42 ET

That'd be cool. My current address is 1651 Oak Grove rd. Sparta,tn 38583.

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