2010-07-17 13:05:50 ET

I talked to my kid sister the other day. She said she'd read some of my book I've been working on. I asked her husband John if he'd read it so I could get as many opions as possible but he (being the kinda guy he is) just smiled and patted my back and said "Man I like horror and dective stuff but you're abit too horror for me." He laughed after that. I like John he's a good joker. Abit too straight laced but still good.
I got shot down again from another set of jobs friday. I hate this state. It's all about who you know instead of what you know.

Criminal Corrections
Security (Public/gov)
Transportation of Inmates
Chemical Defensive use and training
Unarmed Defense
and the list just keeps going...

I just can't get it in my head to be like the hillbilly's here. I also don't like the taste of ass. So I can't be a kiss-ass.
Man this would make a good joke somehow.

2010-07-18 05:49:46 ET

They need people like you in Michigan for real...

2010-07-18 15:59:12 ET

Pht. I'm too much like a wrathful person now. I get the feeling I'd put alot of criminals in coma's. XS

2010-07-19 04:35:46 ET

Lmfao... that is serously what they need with all the dirty people up here its unreal... I only moved back again in November.

2010-07-22 18:07:38 ET

Well heck. Sign me up then. Just call me Sgt. Coma.

2010-07-24 05:45:42 ET

Yes, Sir!

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