Oh yeah! Got the book!
2010-07-22 18:31:33 ET

Well today was a bust on the job front but! That's right there's a but! I did a side job that paid 150. Sheetrock...sucks... But eh! I went and got a new book! Sweet words! Mmmm words taste like good times to me. I'm goofy today. Natural good mood. It feels weird! O.o
I got a new book on the art of CQ tactics! Mmm knowledge of the best kinds of pain. Fear me oh leigons of stupid! I am learning!
No but seriously. I'm going to try and get the money together to get a Criminal transportation lisence. I figure that it's a little something I can take anywhere I may go.

Found out today my sister's friend misty is going back to japan until Xmas. She's a english teacher there. Which is odd because tish say's misty doesn't like kids much. O_(-.-)_o I worry about them kids.

2010-07-22 18:33:43 ET

I have a friend teaching 3rd graders in South Korea. She blogs about her experience. The general premise is, "these kids are smarter than I am, what the hell am I doing here?"

2010-07-23 16:38:35 ET

That's about right. Kids all over the world seem to be smarter than most of the kids I knew when I was younger.
Personally I don't know if I would have the control or the patience to deal with kids. But it's got to be awesome to be able to live in places like that.

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