You're your favorite stranger
2007-03-08 13:59:02 ET

Sometimes I feel like I am a concious person in an unconcious world.
Groping violently in the dark for another concious being somewhere anywhere drifting in and out of conciousness myself sometimes to try and remember how it felt to belong.

I know you are out there.

You have to be.

Once, I heard someone say that surviving isn't living.

Maybe that is the someone I am looking for.

It's like I want to run down the street or something, naked, and start shaking everyone I can get my hands on. wake up. wake up. WAKE UP.

Maybe it's not a someone I am looking for, rather a something. Doesn't eveyone have that ache? The emptiness that needs to be filled, a woman in lust? Perhaps that is the physical manifestation, sex.
And food.
And substances.

Maybe we are all trying so hard to physicaly fill oursleves up with these things,which would be beautiful and positive if it weren't for overindulgence, but we overindulge because we are so hungry, but we are feeding the wrong aspect of ourselves. The physical instead of our minds and spirits.

Maybe I'm not all that awake. Maybe the longing to be awake IS my only true empty ache.

2007-03-08 14:53:20 ET

Welcome to SK!

2007-03-08 14:58:11 ET

i find the lack of concern about my lack of concern concerns me.
welcome to sk.

2007-03-08 15:24:51 ET

Welcome to SK

*touches you*

2007-03-28 18:09:25 ET

Jake whom I don't know: Thanks!

Gryfin: I find this very concerning! and Thanks!

Gage: Thank you! *Blushes then touches you back*

2007-04-25 20:27:11 ET

I see that - A young warrior comes into the teepee of the Shaman,
he says - I have two wolfs in my soul, one filled with alturism, light, love and detatched grace, the other is greed, evil, dark lust and despair- - how do I make sure the right one win's ?
The shaman said : depends on which one you feed.

2007-04-26 09:55:34 ET

Avant Gardian-Angel- (so appropriatly named) Your words touched my soul. With perfect timing I might add. Thank you thank you thank you.

2007-04-26 22:31:33 ET

*bows* thank you for being so it could be said at that exact space-time point .

It's like mining in a way - most people are near the surface digging up little rocks (bits of the mind-energy stream) concious
*ideas*- but those are common- to get the REALLY great, rare abstract ideas , you have to go down the mine elevator , dig to find the gems and big odd rocks that don't look like all the others, or not a rock at all, an ancient meteorite/shooting star buried for only the person willing to go down into the mine and dig. Use a shovel that does not look like anybody elses too, then those really unique stones attract you to them.

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