MMMMMmmmm yummy    2003-08-25 16:51:58 ET
So saturday I was at my b/f house and while eating a BK chicken sandwich. I bit my cheek off. Thats right a whole chunk. I sounded like a pop and iwas like " oww i bit my cheek " and kept eating. You know how it never hurts when it happens? .......... well at least right after you bite into it............right ?

So now i'm in major pain and I can't stop biting into it , everytime i eat I almost bite off another chunk. ACK . oh and when i checked it on sunday , there was a little piece of meat hanging off of my inner cheek. How lovely is that ?

     2003-08-20 19:15:00 ET
okay so I haven't updated in FOREVER. My life is pretty much the same right now and well.... nothing has reallly changed. I wish I had something new and exciting to talk about . UMmmmmm I had a tacos yesterday. And I think I farted 5 mins ago.

Anything new with you guys? When was the last time you FArted ??

     2003-08-05 08:13:52 ET
I am Now canceling my internet services , I'm tired of paying almost 55 dollars a month to AOL for stinky DSL
.I'm switching to SBC.


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