I slept for 17 hrs....    2003-06-07 13:31:04 ET
I truely am SICK

:( :( :( :( :( :(

* sneeze, cough sneeze *

     2003-06-02 19:57:24 ET
my throat is dry, yet i don't feel sick
I cough and I clear it.. its stinks
I've brushed my teeth and tongue and the roof of my mouth 5 times today. Sickness ..... i hate disease.

If thats what it is , or plans on being.

Drinking juice does NOT help.

I have no one to come home to... I have no one to pet and love. Le mew........

My hair is still not done. Round 2 : white chunks ? When ?
When i find someone good enough to do it.


yesterday: put in new rug , in the process broke my moms Huge frame in the living and made her fish tank explode. I coudn't help but laugh. 30 gallons just bursting. My mom screaming " My FISH , SOmeone SAVE my FISH !! " hehehehe
All fishies are safe and swimming in a bucket. Thats the last time i ever lean a couch on a frame or fish tank. * looks around innocently*


  I feel somewhat sad....    2003-06-01 19:34:46 ET
His name is Riley, he has beautiful glassy blue eyes , and almost white hair with some brown in it , very creamy. I met him today at Pet smart. I wanted to bring him home so badly , I even called home and everyone was okay with it. I called the lady that was in charge of adoptions but no answer. He was the only cat that even came to me when i called it.he's half siamese and taby. I wish i would have brought him home. I feel SO bad now. I feel I left him behind. But everyone said it was best if I adopted a younger cat. One that could adjust to the change alittle faster. Which is true. It makes me wonder what will become of Riley, who will take him home? Who will care for him?

I don't know why I'm thinking about this so much when we only cuddled for a few minutes , maybe 3. Maybe Riley and I were meant to be?? Maybe i will go get him after work tomorrow. I really have to think about this though... Its hard with older cats...

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