Heresy fnord and the temple of VIX    2003-05-13 21:23:31 ET

Okay lets get this story straight.

Sunday I hung out with heresy fnord. As I was invited to go to starbucks for a free mocha frapaccino. God KNOWS I would never turn that down.

So i drove my sweet ass to his good old pasadena to meet up with him. After starbucks we were stumped. I being Invited expected the invitee to have something to do planned out. Sadly this was not the case. So Heresy said " hey, lets go to the huntington library and take some pictures" Vix: " sure thats sounds fun"

Little did i know i was secretly being taken on one of the longest drives of my life with no destination. HE HAD NO IDEA WHERE HE WAS GOING . So we drove back to pasadena and went to penny lane . Thus ends this adventure.


  >:/    2003-05-08 17:54:24 ET
I have to write a 4 page implant consent form >:/

guess who gets to do it at home ??? Come on Guess !!

 ack !    2003-04-26 21:24:11 ET
have you ever had a piece of floss stuck between your teeth , and panicked???

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