WOW    2007-06-01 20:03:35 ET
Holy crap !!

it's been so long since I updated this thing!

And I guess I won't be updating it today. I have to finish making something for someone.

 halloweenie    2006-10-26 17:15:44 ET
I can't wait for halloween!

I still have to go find stockings, or maybe fishnets, and possibly new shoes but i have some here at home that i might use for my costume.

Saturday I might go to Disneyland since some of my family will be there but I'm not sure. $$$ is short since I've been buying so much crap and I didn't get my bonus this week. Oh and rent is wednesday. Blah, can't decide. I <3 D-land. What should I do !?


     2006-07-17 20:04:33 ET
I haven't really updated this in a long long time, maybe I would write more in it if interesting things actually happened to me. hehehe Actually, I have no one to blame but myslef for becoming LAME. I used to like going out and doing things with people. What happen to me ? I have to eventually get myself out of this rut and start going out again. WHy don't my friends have cars damn it!?

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