Why not....................    2003-03-06 20:49:53 ET
[x] i ____ Vixaffliction.

[x] Vixaffliction is ____.

[x] if i were alone in a room with Vixaffliction, i would _______.

[x] i think Vixaffliction should _____.

[x] Vixaffliction needs ______.

[x] Vixaffliction will never ______.

[x] i want to _________ Vixaffliction .

[x] Vixaffliction can ______ my _______.

[x} when i think about Vixaffliction , i ______.


 ://///    2003-03-01 11:40:33 ET
So after waiting for like 2 weeks for my make up to get here, It turns out MAC didn't even place my friggin order !
So now i have to go to the actual MAC store and buy my makeup there. You do not know how much i hate going to make-up counters :/ I hate having things thrown at me left and right . Buy this and buy this .. whatever....

 :    2003-02-23 21:05:50 ET
I found a picture while i was searching thru disks for a certain other pic . Its a group picture from about almost 2 yrs back . I am tempted to post it and see how many SKers you can find on the pic :D

Although i don't know how others would feel about have the picture posted.

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