Chews runts    2003-01-06 17:43:12 ET
There is a party in my mouth and everyone is invited !

 Fun fun fun    2003-01-05 20:15:59 ET
went shopping with axo at ARMANI * barf *
axo actually got some cool clothing and i got to play fashion consultant . I also helped him score. hehehehe. I kinda pressured him into giving this girl his # and she said she would give him a call !! Giddyness followed after that. we walked around some more and bought some CD's I won't say what axo bought. I'll let him tell you. We then had yummy italian food and went went home. Its nice to go out with people who actually shop!

     2003-01-04 22:55:44 ET
I'm So nice . I finally put up my e-mail . E-mail Addy may also be used for MSN. You have finally earned my trust SK. Thats a big step for me and you.

* makes sweet love to SK*

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