SK<MEET>    2002-12-16 17:53:16 ET
Had an awesome time last night ! I finally got to see syko again after many moons. MEEOOOWWWW!!! can we say HOTTT

I also finally got to meet axodude. He's a can't miss . You know who he is almost instantly. I knew who Sin was right away as well. There was a few people there who i had no idea who they were But everyone was awesome. Sk has to be made up of some of coolest people on earth.

I got there kind of early though thinking that it was going to take a while to get out there thru the streets . I actually got there in like 10-15 mins. Lucky Lore was there to keep me company and he recognized me this time ! we must all get together again for another Sk meet
THanks to RUST for the kickass eyeshadow!!! It was nice to finally meet you and undigit and pred.

     2002-12-15 22:22:55 ET
I miss syko already :(

     2002-12-14 15:43:51 ET
Had lunch with Snarf . Of course we went to his favorite place CARLS JR. I couldn't believe he only ordered a famous star. I had a superstar.. hehehe. I also got to meet his girlfriend. She so cute ! We took some pics in front of the panda at panda express.

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