Poetry by Bractune    2002-11-19 19:36:45 ET

Vixaffliction is my addiction. I want to suck her ass. Vixaffliction is my addiction. I love when she passes gas - by Bractune

Bractune cracks me up.

 ugghhh...    2002-11-19 18:44:30 ET
i feel ugly today. I look in the mirror and I can't get over how i look like complete shit.. Something must be done.

 Axo Voice mail    2002-11-18 19:58:56 ET
recieved at 9:30 Pm ..

So called listhpy message was not listhpy at all..

I can type it out but its a bit pornographic. J/k I am also just plain lazy.

Oh Axo .. Feel better !!! take some anti biotics and drink lots of tea !

Sleep is still winning the race and I am far behind it .

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