today...    2002-11-02 18:48:00 ET
I went to the mall , yet again. This time in search for b-day presents for Kevin. I didn't find much , but i found some of the things he wanted. I didn't want to go alone so i went with 2 friends of mine. I hadn't seen them for a while , well except for Lupe. Riding with him in the car was SO annoying I felt like stopping at the nearest corner and leaving him there. I then got complaints about the music In my car. " this is crap " " don't you have creed, of marilyn manson or korn " I said Fine ! and put the station on Kbig 104 . hehehehe . Thats'll teach them . My music is not crap!
The mall was okay , but one thing i hate is when you invite someone somewhere and then they start making faces of bordem or like they just did a really smelly Fart. And it pisses me more off when that same person askes you to take them to random stores that are insanely far .
I was then approached by a talent scout and was told to go to a casting call for some modeling crap . She seemed like a nice lady , she was walking around with her 5 yr old daughter. It wasn't some Horney Old man hoping to score like the usual.

     2002-10-26 08:09:04 ET
Who wants to go to the mall with me ????

     2002-10-21 17:33:29 ET
So i went to the arts and crafts store on sunday . I found the neatest things . I bought this pack of hair snaps shaped like bats . The box says it contains 2 styles , spiders and bats, but i only see bats . I also bought a pack of neat buttons. Its a pack of 9; 3 skulls, 1 spider, 1 spider web, 1 witches hat, 2 bats and 1 tombstone that reads "R.I.P". I don't like the following buttons : the skulls, spiderweb, witches hat . That is all

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