2002-10-20 19:11:51 ET
There is a pennylane music store around the corner from the office where I work. This is bad news for moi. I working just to spend it all on CDs. I have probably gone there 3 times during this first week at work. And there is a starbucks across the street! And other clothing stores. I am going to be POOR !

     2002-10-19 19:57:19 ET
I AM SOOO bored. Someone talk to me !

     2002-10-14 20:01:02 ET
Tomorrow I start my new job. AT 8 AM !! I'm not used to being up that early.. I am going to be falling asleep ! HELP

hehehe . I hope everything goes well . I have to go dye my hair now .. I don't think faded red streaks look all that great

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