So many artist out there ...    2002-09-30 19:47:29 ET
So I'm curious , what was the last thing you made ? What's the most anyone has ever paid for your art work ?

     2002-09-23 19:24:18 ET
i bought new shoes . finally ! they are black with this kick ass red stitching on the side . I go them extremely cheap at this hoochie store in the La puente hills mall. I am happy , i have been needing black shoes in a while. And as I have no idea what happen to my gripfast boots since the time I tried to sell them in a yard sale I will have to buy new ones soon. Its of no urgency though.

I have also decided to start making purses again as I used to when I had nothing to do. Work Is getting me Way over stressed as of lately and I need something to keep my mind off of it .

Oh and I miss Kevin :( Saw him on Saturday but i still miss him :( We had a great time at LACMA. I always love going to places like that with him. *sigh* If only i had him to come home to everyday. Things would be so much better.

  :/    2002-09-20 05:34:03 ET
I am off to take my driving test . It is 7:34 Am. If i do not pass I will not be making another post on the subject.

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