HA    2002-09-19 10:38:46 ET
So i get home yesterday from a driving lesson . My test is friday morning and I am catching a cold , this is not good. Well any way i get home and there is a package sitting on my desk . Its from Kevin, so i start wondering what the hell it could be and why would he mail it to instead of just giving it to me? So I open up the box and Inside i find a bag gummy bears and a CD from this boy band from like 1992. Anyone ever heard of Silk ? well thats what he sent me. I thought it was funniest thing in the world. Sadly he beat me to my joke. I was supposed to send it to him :( You see there is this silly commercial on late at night called "monster jams" I just think its the stupidest thing ever , Silk happens to be one of the bands on it and so they show a clip of this guy singing " i wanna get freaky with you " all passionately . Its So fuckin funny .
That package truely made my day and the gummy bears were yummy :D

 I    2002-09-16 22:04:31 ET
Am going to sleep !!!!

 !?!?!????    2002-09-15 20:20:12 ET
My little brother has been walking around and saying " i need T.P for me bunghole" which i found to be very funny, since i have not heard in SO long. I then said "shut up numb nut" and he did....

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