2006-02-15 18:54:50 ET
Lately I've been seeing this semi large group of people power walking up and down the street. I saw them again this week as I was coming home from work. Everytime I see them I want to walk out and join them ! Oh, Kevin and I bought dance dance revolution so that we could " work out " and uh so far.... it's not working out. Someone should start a goth/industrial power walking group or even work out group. I think I would be more motivated to work out if it was with a group of people. I know if I joined on my own,I would never go. Ever.

 I'm not good at subjects ....    2006-01-13 08:32:21 ET
I guess I just need to vent a little and this is probably as personal as I've ever gotten on an online journal.
Lately I've been getting really pissed off at my b.f. He spends all freakin day playing World of warcraft. I'm seriously tired of this, it's gotten to the point where I have to plan my day around the stupid game. I don't want to go into detail or anything but I'm truely seriously ready to explode.

Maybe I should go home for like a weekend, not my home but my parents or my sisters.

Another thing I want a god damn computer. I paid half for that monster upstairs and I don't even get to use the stupid thing. I don't get to talk to anyone anymore since most of my friends are on-line or live in L.A. and I can't even Hang out with anyone local Cuz I don't fuckin know anyone local yet. Sometimes I feel like going upstair and cutting each and every one of the cables on that damn thing.


 HAPPY NEW YEAR !    2006-01-01 13:39:45 ET

Happy New yr everyone!
I hope all of you stayed safe and had tons of fun.

I get a 4 day weekend this yr which is awesome. I'll probably head down to the brea mall on Tuesday and spend some gift cards. Anyone want to tag along?

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