2002-09-06 09:31:07 ET
okay so I didn't buy the car last week . I don't know what kind I want ....
Pops = yum

 :/    2002-08-30 19:30:16 ET
Its settled , i will be buying my car this week , the will not be coming out of my own pocket but my uncles.. Which means he is paying for that baby in cash. This means I will be paying this money back sometime. I will be poor from this day forward . No more shopping !!! :`( I will have to get a full time job now :(

 time for a change again ...    2002-08-30 14:54:14 ET
It seems the top of my hair refuses to be dark pink for more than a week .. because of this i have decided to change my hair to black yet Again. It just really annoying that within a couple of days the top of my head is an orangy blond. I'm told this is because I take to many showers. I'm sorry but i can't stand being stinky!! And if you're stinky I can't stand you either. So i have decided to keep the bangs Hot pink , dye the top layer of my head black and keep the bottom layer Hot pink as well since the coloring is so bright down there I don't have the heart to get rid of it . What do you think ??

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