2002-08-15 21:19:54 ET
I drove to San Marino today..... practicing for the test is fun , especially if the instructor is your best friends Mom ...

     2002-08-14 20:27:29 ET
what is with all the sudden use of south park icons ?????

     2002-08-12 19:26:48 ET
Lately i have been using crest whitestrips to whiten my teeth , and let me tell you .. they rock !!! I gave some to kevin to try them out . although they are 50 dollars a box well almost 50 with tax they are well worth it. I have professional bleaching kits at home from the office but getting bleaching trays seemed like to much of a hassel and my boss is SO cheap that i would get charged for the trays even if i took the impressions myself. I have yet to know what results kevin got from his first placement or if he's even tried them. BUt for anyone else who has wondered about them , they work great ! They have stronger bleaching strips available thru your dentists if you think you need something stronger , which is neat

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