flip flops    2002-07-12 19:44:56 ET
I bought a pair of black flip flop to wear on my lazy days ... they're black with metal studs in them . I don't know about any of you but, they feel really weird. I feel as if i have to curl my toes to keep them on . I've been wearing boots for much to long ..

 Odd    2002-07-10 22:11:20 ET
I had this dream last night , very odd.. I dreamt rustload and I were going to meet Axo at this bowling place .. 1) i don't know rust .. anyway .. Its all fuzzy now , maybe if I would have written it down when i woke up this all would make sense... I remember walking trying to find our car and we ended up killing some guy for no reason. We couldn't find where to dump the body so we burned him... I remember the body twitching... I also remember something about Rustload trying to buy baby clothing and I offering to buy it for herbecause she didn't have any money. We never got to Axo by the way.
I wish i could have written this in more detail...

 * scratch , scratch *    2002-07-08 20:45:00 ET
scratching away at the scabs on my scalp ...

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