Photo generic    2002-07-07 23:14:31 ET
i have added a pic into the gallery , just so you may see what my hair now looks like. As i mentioned that I had trouble with colour using the web cam i had to take the pic during the day , with all my windows open, and the room light on. This made it impossible to see half of my face ( the half facing the windows is less visible and the color of my hair still doesn't look like what it looks like outside :(
But I tried my best !

  Hehehe...    2002-07-07 11:12:39 ET
The lady across the street has been ringing my doorbell for about 15 now , I refuse to answer the door. All she ever wants are rides from anyone in my family. There she goes again... I will ignore until she goes AWAY. She will keep ringing as long as she see's my fathers car parked outside.. we have about 4 cars , thank god she doesn't know about the one parked in the back , or in the garage. "I'll give you 5 dollars if you take me " she's a very persistant old woman , once i was babysitting and my sister was late for work , my sister kept refusing her for about 10 mins . Trust me this little old lady does not give up. My sister ended up giving her a ride. Isn't there a # she can call and have some random person pick her up ????

 HOTT    2002-07-05 16:49:26 ET
with my hott pink Hair !!!

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