trouble sleeping    2002-06-21 11:05:31 ET
Its starting again , those nights where i just starting thinking to much. Where I lay in my bed at night and just let my mind take control. I can easily bring myself to tears.....
Although when I saw what Tasha made for me..... It warmed my heart.
I was watching the news this morning and saw a report on a possible terrorist attack on Las Vegas some guy over heard on his cell phone. Stating that it was scheduled for July fourth. I immediately worried about SiS. Come Visit Axo around that time !!!! Don't stay in Vegas ~!

     2002-06-20 11:47:37 ET
So I took a little stroll thru Griffith Park on Tuesday. Walked up one of the many small trails they have , being carefull not to step on the HUGE piles of horse poop. I fear falling into a pile and never being found again. I noticed there was alot of deer roaming around. I have been to Griffith park many times , but i don't think I have ever noticed the deer before. I wanted to pet one so badly, but was not allowed to. Kevin warned that if I got near the deer it would surely kick my arse. :( Do I not have Snow white like qualities ???? How was he to know that the Deer was not people friendly?? I shall have to go on my own next time. And just to let you know , I have a huge insect bite on my Ass. I didn't notice it till yesterday when it started Itching *scratches*

Oh and by the way. Chris (sinsation), If you're reading this Kevin says hello. :D

 * holds tummy *    2002-06-18 12:16:25 ET
Hostess cup cakes and Coke are not good for breakfast ..

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