Hmmm    2002-06-18 11:15:19 ET
I have noticed that I have the habit of reading sentences and replacing words with umm i guess you would say "naughty words". I find that i do this alot

But of course

  something different    2002-06-15 19:11:56 ET
I cut my hair off , all of it , i decided i wanted it they way i used to have it a few yrs back. So i walked over to the salon after work and i did it , its gone , I had worked so hard to get it to the length it was which wasn't that long to begin with.It was at just above my shoulder , and its all gone now. My bangs are also gone

 blah    2002-06-14 11:51:59 ET
I need something to do , I am horribly bored and am unexpectedly at home. I hate being at home !!!
All well , of to find something

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