:( still sickies    2002-06-08 19:24:10 ET
I woke up at 7: 45 today , got to work at about 8:40
i just sat at my desk while charts were handed to me , looked over them and gave them back with the treatment plan , I didn't even want to get up , I felt so horrible. Sometime around 10:30 or 11 I sent one of the girls to buy me an orange juice. Don't think I'm lazy , i'm usually up and running around. Peeking in on the Doctor , making sure everything is o.k., greeting patients, doing paper work. But today i felt like poopie :( 12 in the afternoon .... I couldn't take it anymore !!! had to go home. 12:15 realize i have no keys to enter the house , no one is home , my sister lives 2 blocks away..... She is not HOME
i decide to walk down the main street and over to the local McDonalds with hopes of finding my sister there. SURPRISE ~!! she's there. I now suffer at McDonalds for another 20 mins with a rising fever. Only to go home realize it my mothers B-day and have nothing to give her. What do I buy ... WINE ! I drank some myself with cherries on the side. For those of you who don't know, I simply adore cherries. I could eat them forever !
I still feel like poopie and i can't stop sneezing. I wish Kevin was here to comfort me :(
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     2002-06-07 20:01:02 ET

     2002-06-07 15:17:08 ET
i feel icky all over. My body hurts , my head hurts , my ears hurt , my nose is running. *cries*
I hate being sickies !!!

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