:(    2002-05-19 21:10:58 ET
I have just realized that i have yet to buy anything for my b/f for our anniversary , I have a week ....
These sort of things are terribly hard for me. I'm not good with gifts. I've never had to buy anyone anything for an anniversary. I'm a bit stumped..... I have 5 days to find something , and only one of those 5 days will be available for me to look for something , This stinks

 stolen from Furax AGAIN !!!!    2002-05-16 14:06:02 ET

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  I am sitting at    2002-05-16 11:21:21 ET
HOME with nothing to do
I have yet to make myself breakfast and it is 1:19 in the afternoon. At this point i should just wait for lunch
I should dozens of male servants to feed me and shower me
*clasps hands * GRAPES !!!!
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