I think.....    2002-04-21 18:02:15 ET
I think to myself much to often... I start thinking things that i shouldn't even be thinking of,things that do not make sense..I let my mind take over. I have the habit of doing that , specially when I'm in bed at night. I brought myself to the point where I feel as if i am loosing someone very close to me. I think about the little things and think ,maybe they are not occuring anymore because this person simply does not care.. about anything... about me.
Maybe... maybe love is lost...

I have to stop thinking like this ...

     2002-04-20 20:19:20 ET
I have managed to find one picture of myself in JPG format. I have now added it to my gallery

     2002-04-17 20:26:25 ET
why does this <3 always remind me of balls????

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