2002-04-07 20:37:17 ET
Zoinks !

 Pissing Dog    2002-04-07 12:08:48 ET
This story is about 2 weeks old , but i feel i should tell you about it anyway. I laugh my ass off whenever i think about it.
i'll make it short
small dog pissing against a electrical pole
2 cars racing each other down a small street (my street)
dog : full piss going on with lleft leg high up in the air
cars: still racing... one loses control . When ... suddenly....
KA-BLAMMO !!!!! right into the very same pole the dog was pissing on
I swear the dog must have had a mini heart attack! Think about it almost getting killed mid-piss!!! The dog yelped and ran down the street, never to be seen again by the owner , who was running down the street after his dog.

I'm laughing my ass off

I'm laughing right now just thinking about it

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  Playful doggy    2002-04-04 19:44:03 ET
A little black doggy tried to follow me home last night. I don't know what kind it was since i know nothing about dogs... Not damn thing ... The more i tried to scare him away the more he want to chase after me. It seems he thought i was playing with him the whole time. I hope he found his way back home. If not , I hope someone who could care for him took him in for the night

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