2002-03-28 20:43:32 ET
I have nothing really important or exciting to write about .. I knew this would happen .... * pout*
* sigh * my life is so boring... such is ..
bunnies (start with the ears )
chicks (always start with the little tail )

 squeeky clean !!!!    2002-03-26 15:02:40 ET
I just got out of the shower... its about 5 in the afternoon, i feel squeeky clean , yum ! .. i sat there for about 30 mins... played with my rubber ducky and then got out .... I feel rather happy today considering the last few days have been crap for me. I got a few things straightened out. I hate having to talk things out with people .... Its like i know exactly what to say in my head but when the times comes, I draw blanks and i suddenly find myself being spoken for .... so i guess i didn't say much , but the person knew exactly what i was heading for. PROBLEM SOLVED. i still feels as if something is wrong...

I have decided to change my room around ... I am also missing a CD, I need to find it. I hate seeing an empty slot in my CD rack. It just looks plain weird...... I have also decided to put a few things into storage ... i should be cleaning the bathroom sink though ....DAMN being At home ! I also need Sex .. RIGHT NOW

     2002-03-26 11:17:27 ET
need... food.... hungry..... hmmm.... sisters house !
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