2002-03-25 18:51:02 ET
i got this weird letter from new york today... all it was, was a newspaper page with a post it not with my name on it , that read " you have to see this ". Weird, no return address or anything .... nothing for me to see....
i feel dusty now .....dirty too

  :(    2002-03-24 20:06:17 ET
i feel like poopie today .... i can't really say why ... i feel like crying, but i can't because I tell myself i shouldn't.

 work truely sucks ass    2002-03-22 18:38:18 ET
So, i have a shit load of work to do. As it is I am extremely behind on my paper work(at least in my mind I am).Its not easy being me , the amount of stress i recieve from the manager and not to mention, the patients is intolerable. To tell you the truth I think the amount of work i do is enought to keep 3 people busy.I feel as if i have now become management and management is only there to call out orders, orders that at times make no sense at all... because the manager is slimply not there to even have the slightest idea of what is going on. She's really not a bad person actually, I love talking to her , but honestly as a manger she does shit..... what pisses me off the most is that she shows up for work , on days when the owner will be there, just to make it seem as if she does all the work , and then complains about all the stress she suffers from. The point is i am over worked and under paid.. or as I am told I don't do enough... So today i offered her a solution, I would make phone calls and start mounting x-rays and stop billing all work that is done in the office to any insurance .. i can only do so much.. the immediate answer was "No" continue doing the billing and " you need to use time management to be able to do all the things that need to be done at the office" I hate this , not only do i have to cover the work of an entire front office staff but i also have to do the work of an insurance biller.... lets not mention doing her job as well............... STINKY DAY !!!

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