2003-08-05 08:13:52 ET

I am Now canceling my internet services , I'm tired of paying almost 55 dollars a month to AOL for stinky DSL
.I'm switching to SBC.

2003-08-05 09:31:25 ET

AOL sux0rz.

2003-08-05 12:03:14 ET

I also agree with Lore- AOL is teh suck. Now you will have a real ISP!

2003-08-05 18:24:43 ET

Vix, you're gonna have to IM me with your new AIM name, assuming your old IM was tied to your AOL account.

2003-08-05 19:45:29 ET

Yeah, AOL really sucks. SBC is alright, that's what I am on right now.

2003-08-06 15:01:29 ET

Nope, AIM was seperate. But don't mail any of the aol acounts anymore lore. I won't be able to retieve any of them .

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