2003-08-20 19:15:00 ET

okay so I haven't updated in FOREVER. My life is pretty much the same right now and well.... nothing has reallly changed. I wish I had something new and exciting to talk about . UMmmmmm I had a tacos yesterday. And I think I farted 5 mins ago.

Anything new with you guys? When was the last time you FArted ??

2003-08-20 19:17:31 ET

about 10 minutes ago. :D

2003-08-20 19:45:45 ET

right....... NOW!

2003-08-20 20:26:02 ET

Girls dont fart!

2003-08-20 20:29:53 ET


2003-08-20 20:38:53 ET

Vix, when was the last time you bought a spiffy new article of clothing?

2003-08-21 15:57:07 ET

thats every sunday Lore ! Thats not new , nor exciting.

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