MMMMMmmmm yummy
2003-08-25 16:51:58 ET

So saturday I was at my b/f house and while eating a BK chicken sandwich. I bit my cheek off. Thats right a whole chunk. I sounded like a pop and iwas like " oww i bit my cheek " and kept eating. You know how it never hurts when it happens? .......... well at least right after you bite into it............right ?

So now i'm in major pain and I can't stop biting into it , everytime i eat I almost bite off another chunk. ACK . oh and when i checked it on sunday , there was a little piece of meat hanging off of my inner cheek. How lovely is that ?

2003-08-25 16:58:19 ET

that's quite disgusting.

2003-08-25 20:13:27 ET


2003-08-25 20:59:06 ET

that's almost like cannibalism.

hope you feel better.

2003-08-26 17:29:20 ET

NO its not ! , i didn't eat it .... well At least i hope i didn't. I was playing with my cheek today and stretching it with my tongue... Felt..weird. And it hurt too.

2003-08-26 17:42:18 ET

Chewing human flesh? Oh boy, yep, you're definitely a cannibal.

2003-08-26 19:54:11 ET


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