2002-06-18 11:15:19 ET

I have noticed that I have the habit of reading sentences and replacing words with umm i guess you would say "naughty words". I find that i do this alot

But of course

2002-06-18 18:41:55 ET

butt of corpse? ;-P

2002-06-20 21:51:34 ET

But of clit?

2002-06-20 21:52:26 ET

potty mouth :-X

2002-06-20 21:53:01 ET

Oh you ain't heard nothin' yet. ;)

2002-06-20 21:53:39 ET

oh i bet! ;-D

2002-06-21 10:23:29 ET

looks like i'm not the only pervert :o

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