2003-09-02 20:02:11 ET

if you're in them feel free to take them

2003-09-02 20:29:41 ET

so, you are beyond cute! awwwwww. i'm happy we got to meet. :D

2003-09-02 20:30:37 ET


2003-09-02 21:03:33 ET

awwwww , we actually met before like on chinese new yrs with Axo and friends! You're cute too !!! :D :D

WOOOT to you to rusty load , i love that pic of yours

2003-09-02 21:05:27 ET

omg, that's right. i totally forgot about that. lol <-- nerd

2003-09-02 21:08:48 ET

Thats okay I'm a nerd too 8-B

2003-09-02 23:31:14 ET

pillars of gas :-)

I like

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