2002-06-20 11:47:37 ET

So I took a little stroll thru Griffith Park on Tuesday. Walked up one of the many small trails they have , being carefull not to step on the HUGE piles of horse poop. I fear falling into a pile and never being found again. I noticed there was alot of deer roaming around. I have been to Griffith park many times , but i don't think I have ever noticed the deer before. I wanted to pet one so badly, but was not allowed to. Kevin warned that if I got near the deer it would surely kick my arse. :( Do I not have Snow white like qualities ???? How was he to know that the Deer was not people friendly?? I shall have to go on my own next time. And just to let you know , I have a huge insect bite on my Ass. I didn't notice it till yesterday when it started Itching *scratches*

Oh and by the way. Chris (sinsation), If you're reading this Kevin says hello. :D

2002-06-20 11:54:42 ET


2002-06-20 12:19:29 ET

ass biter insects ;-P
...and deer can be people friendly if they become accustomed to people being around a lot...there's deer down by the beach near me and stupid people stop along the highway there and feed the deer...and the deer begin not to fear people and cars...you can tell this isn't really a good thing...i do have a close-up black and white picture of a deer i took when i was over by the beach last...

2002-06-20 12:22:38 ET

That was exactly my point FURAX , the deer at Griffith Park hang out in the Golf course as well. They Have to be people friendly .

2002-06-20 23:42:47 ET

You look much like Snow White!

2002-06-21 10:24:18 ET

AWWWWWWW thats so adorable tasha !!!! you're an angel !

2002-06-21 14:57:51 ET

No, you are! ;)

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