2002-06-22 21:41:21 ET

Found $10 !!!!! under my bed !
*happy dances *

2002-06-22 21:44:06 ET

well lucky you!

i want $10.

2002-06-22 21:48:15 ET

*happy dances with vix*

2002-06-22 22:04:19 ET

i also found a jar of red ropes

2002-06-22 22:07:40 ET

* has a ho-down with Sis *

2002-06-22 22:09:44 ET

*make puppy eyes in hopes that Vix will share*

2002-06-22 22:43:30 ET

woot woot to $10. thumbs down to stealing signature zero dances.

2002-06-23 02:28:10 ET

score! what you going to do with it?

2002-06-23 11:23:14 ET

* looks at puppy eyes and can't resist *
* gives Sis some red ropes *

Furax , I have no idea !! Maybe i will buy more red ropes in hopes that i find another ten dollars in the bag !

2002-06-23 15:03:08 ET

this just made me think of red tape as a tool for bondage and the run-around as domination...political s&m? haha ;-P

2002-06-23 18:22:33 ET

you think of the weirdest things....

2002-06-23 18:24:07 ET

yeah? i dunno...things just pop into my head

2002-06-23 18:24:41 ET

thats not the only thing that pops up with a head :P

2002-06-23 18:25:35 ET

you potty mind! :-D

2002-06-23 18:26:01 ET

me ??? potty minded ??? never !

2002-06-23 18:30:07 ET

"so i was choking down some pop rocks and i swear it was going to explode in my throat. so i spit it out but since i'm a dopey head i got it all down my neck. it tastes so sweet though i love it"

...this is not an inuendo...

2002-06-23 18:36:35 ET

" so I was choking down some big cock and I swear it was going to explode in my throat.So i spit it out but since I'm all dopey and enjoy head, I got it all down my neck. It tastes so sweet though, I love it "


2002-06-23 18:38:22 ET

yeah haha! you nailed it right down on the head ;-P

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