babysitting ....
2002-06-25 11:09:42 ET

BLAH !!! this baby won't stop crying !!!
HELP !!!!
* heads for the window *

2002-06-25 11:14:36 ET

Vix, baby sitter extrodinaire!

2002-06-25 11:14:50 ET

Slowly back away from the baby.......
Maybe she just needs to cry, they do that sometimes.

2002-06-25 11:30:31 ET

neither baby nor vix should exit through window!

2002-06-25 11:46:59 ET

Never throw a baby from a window. There's a chance it might sprout wings and turn into a cherub! A cherub overhead will make you long for the days when all you had to worry about was pigeon turds!

2002-06-25 11:49:53 ET

shake it violently and plce a pillow ovr its face
...then wake up from your daydream and in a zen-like relaxed state where nothing can bother you ;-P

2002-06-25 13:02:32 ET

TECH SUPPORT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2002-06-25 13:04:41 ET

Is she crying in a painful way or a mad way, how does she sound?

2002-06-25 13:05:01 ET

haha yeah, call up the 24 hour child tech support hotline :-P

2002-06-25 13:06:26 ET

well she's crying due to a rash

2002-06-25 13:07:25 ET

Oh, on her bottom?

2002-06-25 13:07:51 ET

and what are you putting on it?

2002-06-25 13:09:35 ET

furax/vix, that IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA

2002-06-25 14:50:25 ET

I don't know , some cream her mom gave me .. she is gone now though

2002-06-25 14:57:19 ET

oh no! did you put baby disintegration cream on her? BAD VIX!!

2002-06-25 14:58:37 ET

HA !!! is there such a thing ?

2002-06-25 15:20:29 ET

Sorry had to leave the house, best thing to do is lay a bunch of blankets down and let her be naked, the air will make the rash feel better and help clear it up.

2002-06-25 15:24:12 ET

that's the best solution for lots of problems...laying down naked on a bunch of blankets...

2002-06-25 15:24:16 ET


2002-06-25 15:25:03 ET

Dorks! ;)

2002-06-25 15:30:58 ET

* lays out blankies and gets nakie *

2002-06-25 15:34:10 ET

don't kick the baby!!

2002-06-25 15:36:38 ET

I agree clothes are big problem. I suggest getting naked. Also, a web-cam can help.

2002-06-25 15:37:29 ET

Furax , you bastard , you kicked the baby !?!?!?!?

2002-06-25 15:37:57 ET

kick the baby! *punt* ;-D

2002-06-25 15:46:33 ET

:o You penis !!

2002-06-25 15:49:13 ET

my penis?!

2002-06-25 15:53:07 ET

penis wrinkle

2002-06-25 15:54:17 ET

ack! X-\

2002-06-25 16:02:09 ET

lay down on the blankie furax, you'll feel better. ;) ;)

2002-06-25 16:07:15 ET

umm...*hides under blankie*

2002-06-26 07:20:57 ET

you have to get nakie first

2002-06-26 07:22:18 ET

that's why i'm hiding under the blanket vix

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