I just...
2002-06-25 14:54:37 ET

got out of the shower and while i was in it i discovered that I have a huge bruise right over my nipple, and let me tell you .... It F***** hurts !

2002-06-26 18:05:47 ET

Its purple now

2002-06-26 18:42:14 ET

ummmm, is there a lump?

2002-06-26 18:45:34 ET

no lump , I bruise easily ... I have several small bruises on my arm as well . Same side to

2002-06-26 18:47:03 ET

OH, well the no lump thing is good. Ever have the *I bruise easy thing* check out? There are a lot of reason that could happen.

2002-06-26 18:49:48 ET

Ummm no not really, I never really thought about it actually

2002-06-26 18:55:37 ET

It could be caused by a blood clotting problem, lots of things can cause that, even what you eat or how well you eat.
Could also be caused by Adrenal Fatigue or a Low Thyroid Function.
If you bruise super easy I'd have it checked.

2002-06-26 18:58:52 ET

I might look into that

2002-06-26 19:14:53 ET

I don't know , i've been like this since i was small, My sister and my mother are also like this.

2002-06-26 19:17:55 ET

Could be a condition that's runs in the family, I went to school to be a Dr. Sis ya know. ;)

2002-06-26 19:21:05 ET

What happen !!! why is there no Dr SIS.. I would take my whole family to you !

2002-06-26 19:31:59 ET

I'd rather draw, oh I was studying Autopsy pathology, so unless they were dead, you most likely wouldn't want to send your family to me. :P

2002-06-26 19:34:39 ET

hehehehe, you don't know that :P

2002-06-26 19:41:41 ET

2002-06-26 19:46:16 ET

neato bandito !!!

2002-06-26 19:55:51 ET

Yes it is.

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