2002-06-26 18:37:40 ET

I went shopping today ... I only bought 2 shirts and a memory card for my PS2

2002-06-26 18:38:23 ET

ps2 is so great ... just finished playing a little Gran Turismo 3 ...

2002-06-26 18:58:22 ET

ps2 is fun, even if you're not super good at it, like me =D i need to cut back on the shopping, myself.

2002-06-26 18:59:38 ET

NO ! no cutting back on shopping !
HAve you gone MAD !

2002-06-26 19:01:50 ET

i've actually just been through the sale racks far too many times to find anything new to actually buy. i like winter clothes, not summer clothes, so they're kind of a waste of money...even if they are reaaaally cute summer clothes.

plus, bills. thumbs down. i need an extra job to support my "habit." shopping is such a drug, regardless of what anyone says.

2002-06-26 19:03:26 ET

Yes its a horrible , horrible drug. On average i spend at 600 dollars a month on shopping .. And thats after i gained alittle control. It was up to 900 at one point

2002-06-26 19:05:02 ET

see!! i knew i wasn't the only one. but at least we weren't stealing.

2002-06-26 19:06:52 ET

Oh no I would never do that. I'm WAY to paranoid about things.. I would think someone would be following me all day if i ever did something like.

2002-06-26 19:08:30 ET

at what shops do you spend most of your money?

2002-06-26 19:10:56 ET

I don't really have a prefered shop, Its more like a bunch of random small shops all on the same day. Malls are the worst place for me to be at. Melrose is bad news for me as well. Especially since it is much more expensive than the random shops

2002-06-26 19:16:18 ET

i spend more money in california than i do at home (in new york). especially on melrose. but i love santa monica too.

2002-06-26 19:19:17 ET

Hmmm... I can never find anything in santa Monica. Where is it that you go ?

2002-06-27 05:35:15 ET

i've only gotten to spend a few days there now and then, so i'm not sure of the store names - the only one that remotely sticks out is "na nas" i think, because i bought a pair of shoes there this past summer. otherwise, i just go into the bigger chain stores and buy some decent stuff to go to town on with my sewing machine =)

2002-06-27 11:13:16 ET

sounds familiar ... i'm not sure if I have actually been there though

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