2002-06-26 18:58:30 ET

i took down my Avatar , reason being someone else has an avatar a bit TOO similar to mine. I'll have to settle for my own pic till i find something better

2002-06-26 19:00:40 ET

Personally, I think it looks good!

2002-06-26 19:01:47 ET

I'm not really into having pics of myself as avatars... Never have been really...
Thank you though !

2002-06-26 19:01:59 ET

youre quite lovely!

i adore the black+white photos. so well done.

2002-06-26 19:03:48 ET

I also like black and white photos. I don't use my self photo, and most likely well not.

2002-06-26 19:03:50 ET

Thank you :D

2002-06-26 19:05:34 ET

Well , Like I said , I don't like using myself as an avatar. I had those in my gallery because I think its nice to be able to read someones journal and actually know what they look like. Unless you're not as curious as I am.

2002-06-26 19:06:22 ET

yes, that is ture...I just don't have a digital camra or a scaner!

2002-06-26 19:07:20 ET

youre welcome.

sometimes its fun to wonder and think up what the people look like. especially if they are in the least bit poetic. maybe i like mystery too much. =)

2002-06-26 19:08:17 ET

yeah,that is a good point...

2002-06-26 19:09:12 ET

I have a digi and and a web cam ... Those pictures of myself were taken by myself .. Its takes a while to position yourself and the camera at that certain angle you want it. I love cameras though, I always try to carry one with me if i know I'm going somewhere interesting ..

2002-06-26 19:17:48 ET

by the way mercy, I saw that you like Rasputina, I heard they're playing somewhere out in LA soon ... but i don't know where you live , so it might not matter. Just thought you should know.

2002-06-26 19:18:46 ET

Black and white photos are great!
I'd post only one pic of me if I had a camera, but as well as you said, not for an avatar pic.

2002-06-26 19:20:23 ET

yeah , I'm not really into showing pics of myself. Blah ..

2002-06-26 19:22:13 ET

I was thinking of loading the avatar tasha made of me , but i am having trouble converting it for some reason...

2002-06-26 20:01:09 ET

Where is it? You could send it to me, I could see if I could convert it for you.

2002-06-26 20:08:18 ET

its on this page

2002-06-26 20:13:56 ET

I was able to snach it as a .bmp and the resave it as a .jpg.
Did you try that?

2002-06-26 20:24:01 ET

actually i did try that and It wasn't working for me , I was able to save it a s Bmp as well but it wouldn't convert for some reason...

2002-06-26 20:39:12 ET

hhmmmm, pm me you email and I'll send it to you.

2002-06-26 20:39:56 ET


2002-06-26 20:40:44 ET

Any email will do.

2002-06-26 20:42:55 ET

DUH!! I have your email. Sending it now.

2002-06-26 20:51:01 ET

woo hooo !! sis did it !!!

2002-06-26 20:52:50 ET

*does that happy dance again*

2002-06-26 20:53:36 ET

* has a ho-down *

2002-06-26 21:24:39 ET

hrm. you should have just been able to save the image directly...but at least sis got you sorted!

2002-06-26 21:25:51 ET

yeah , i didn't really understand why it wouldn't convert it

2002-06-27 06:26:53 ET

My comp has a habit of automatically saving as .bmp or .psd files.
I recently developed a bunch of black and white pics of myself, and though I think one in particular is great, it will never be an avatar. I never liked the way I photographed.
Besides, I like Robert Smith Eeyore too much :)

2002-06-27 09:38:01 ET

mmm mmm vixxxy! ;-D

2002-06-27 11:12:12 ET

hmm .. furax last to post .. this is odd , he's usually first

2002-06-27 11:19:10 ET

aww...i'm sorry...i wasn't home...i went out and tried to be social and stuff...
...i'll have to try and monitor this site 24/7 now just so i can get to your posts first

2002-06-27 11:51:57 ET

Damn right you will !

2002-06-27 13:30:42 ET

OMG you don't look like a stuffed dancing tiger?

2002-06-27 18:16:28 ET

Sadly no I don't ... :(
I've let Axo down !!!

2002-06-27 19:57:52 ET

what was your avatar before?

2002-06-27 20:06:56 ET

it was a black and white calvin and hobbes pic

2002-06-27 20:07:14 ET

oh alright, danke :)

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