last night
2002-06-30 21:02:00 ET

I actually stepped outside the house! I went to the Knitting Factory in Hollywood to see rasputina. Wonderful show really. And guess what. What? you say ? I saw Lore !!
I saw him when he first stepped Inside looking around the bar. I think he was lost. If anyone else was there, I was the only girl in the whole place eating a chicken ceasar salad while everyone else was in Line. Well at one point I was standing in line while eating the Salad... I finally saw Lore again when he walked inside the main stage area. He had no Idea who I was, the hair threw him off. he gave that "oh no, not another stalker" look. He stared at me for a while till I told him who I was, or he remembered I forget which. I actually saw a few people I had not seen in a long time , including my ex .

2002-06-30 21:13:59 ET

that word again... BLAH!

2002-06-30 21:16:01 ET

I have delested the word BLAH , to make Olorin feel better

2002-06-30 21:16:31 ET

LOL :)

do u know what it means?

2002-06-30 21:18:54 ET

I was using "BLAH" to describe the sound that i was making when i think of my Ex... Blah for me = a pukey like sound

2002-06-30 21:20:09 ET

Russians use it as a short for the word "blyad" which means whore.

do u mean your ex by saying that now u know what it means? :D

2002-06-30 22:07:11 ET

friggin' blah blah's! :-P

2002-06-30 23:18:45 ET

I think you told me you were Vix and I still did not believe you for a moment or two.

2002-07-01 01:38:46 ET


2002-07-01 06:24:28 ET

maybe im a dork..and this has nothing to do with it..but your "pj harvey-esque" just wanted to say that..

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