Playful doggy
2002-04-04 19:44:03 ET

A little black doggy tried to follow me home last night. I don't know what kind it was since i know nothing about dogs... Not damn thing ... The more i tried to scare him away the more he want to chase after me. It seems he thought i was playing with him the whole time. I hope he found his way back home. If not , I hope someone who could care for him took him in for the night

2002-04-04 20:06:09 ET

aaawwwww. i hope so too!

2002-04-04 20:18:13 ET

a skinny puppy? woof! (im lame! 5 lame points!)

2002-04-05 08:56:01 ET

more ell to the A!

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