2002-07-02 18:30:43 ET

my red-vine

2002-07-02 18:39:17 ET

Vix!!! You used to be so sweet and innocent too!!

2002-07-02 18:39:46 ET

hehehe. i still am , i really am eating red- vines

2002-07-03 00:37:23 ET

oh umm...i don't think watching you eat red vines is legally suitable for those under the age of 18 ;-P

2002-07-03 08:11:56 ET

red vines...I got those sent to me on a regular basis from the West Coast. Twizzlers suck ass...Boston, what a howling wilderness not to carry Red Vines.

2002-07-03 11:24:16 ET

*blush and giggle*

2002-07-04 04:02:44 ET

dont mind if i do :p

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