2002-07-05 16:49:26 ET

with my hott pink Hair !!!

2002-07-05 16:49:50 ET

And my scalp got totall burned too ... Ouch :(

2002-07-05 17:11:30 ET

Scalp iritation is the worst...oh well, at least now you have pink hair :D

2002-07-05 17:13:51 ET

yeah , i sat with bleach on my scalp for about 3 hours

2002-07-05 17:14:22 ET

pix, vix!

2002-07-05 17:14:41 ET

Holy crap! I can't take a half hour.

2002-07-05 17:16:00 ET

well , i had to get all the black out and then they put in the a red base dye , to keep the pink in longer... and then the HOTT pink was put over that , that way when it fades it won't look all orangy yellow

2002-07-05 17:16:17 ET

Axo : i will as soon as i get my web cam up

2002-07-05 17:41:17 ET

not enough lighting in my room .. you can't even see the colour via web cam.. i will have to wait to take it during the day

2002-07-06 01:44:33 ET

pictures are indeed necessary ;-)

2002-07-06 12:28:41 ET

Vix = Jem. Truly Outrageous.

2002-07-06 13:11:15 ET

WE BE TWINS!!!!!!! :)

2002-07-06 14:41:38 ET

I'm your long lost sister !!!
and by the way just to let you guys in on some great info , I have scabs on my head ... FUN !!!

2002-07-06 14:48:06 ET

...the one time i bleached my hair (when i had hair that is) it was right after i had gotten a big ol' slash on the top of my head.

2002-07-07 03:47:47 ET

kewl!!! pinky on the brain brain brain brain....

2002-07-07 10:53:52 ET

one is a genius , the others insane
to prove their mousy worth , they'll over throw the earth
they're pink ... pink and the brain brain brain

2002-07-07 12:08:23 ET

i want to see i want to see i want to see

i miss my pink hair, so i get really excited when i see cute girls with pink hair.

2002-07-07 20:39:36 ET



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