2002-07-07 11:12:39 ET

The lady across the street has been ringing my doorbell for about 15 now , I refuse to answer the door. All she ever wants are rides from anyone in my family. There she goes again... I will ignore until she goes AWAY. She will keep ringing as long as she see's my fathers car parked outside.. we have about 4 cars , thank god she doesn't know about the one parked in the back , or in the garage. "I'll give you 5 dollars if you take me " she's a very persistant old woman , once i was babysitting and my sister was late for work , my sister kept refusing her for about 10 mins . Trust me this little old lady does not give up. My sister ended up giving her a ride. Isn't there a # she can call and have some random person pick her up ????

2002-07-07 11:17:19 ET

say you'll do it for 50 bucks .. :D

or say like 100 a ride and she'll think thats too much and stop bugging you

2002-07-07 11:45:41 ET


2002-07-07 12:18:54 ET

A lot of cities have Safe-T rides for the elderly, or a bus that comes and takes them shopping, etc. Leave her a list of the local senior centers in your area, and then offer to take her for exorbitant amounts. Maybe she'll get the hint then.

2002-07-07 15:25:32 ET

sometimes i wish i was a taxi driver

2002-07-07 18:56:53 ET

All the trouble of getting a CDL just to get barfed on and yelled at?

2002-07-07 19:31:04 ET

pfft i didn't say a legal taxi :-P

2002-07-07 21:43:37 ET

Woot! And you can drive on the sidewalks and sorta claim you didn't know any better, especially if you pretend to only speak Lebanese.

One thing, though -- I have never seen a taxicab in a car crash.

2002-07-07 22:02:38 ET

haha..have you ever been in new york city? :-P

2002-07-07 23:24:41 ET

No. Are you from NYC?

2002-07-07 23:31:01 ET

well i don't live in the city but i'm right outside of it and i go to school there and that's where all my friends live so...

2002-07-08 07:55:13 ET

It would follow, sure. Myself, I live in a little town that thinks it's the size of Denver. Or Phoenix. Very amusing. We don't have a lot of taxis here, which makes my previous statement a bit of a copout. What's your major?

2002-07-08 07:56:56 ET

umm...in order to prevent polluting this entry here i'll jusy PM you ...

2002-07-08 18:20:12 ET

To late

2002-07-08 18:54:22 ET

sorry vixxx eep!

2002-07-08 18:58:15 ET

hehehe. its okay , i don't mind :D

2002-07-08 19:11:01 ET

oh ok... *bothers vix* ::pollutes:: :-P

2002-07-08 19:27:48 ET

* gasps * TOXIC waste !

2002-07-08 19:29:30 ET

no this is non-toxic ...like crayons! ;-P

2002-07-08 19:31:08 ET

Ohhh edible !

2002-07-08 19:31:45 ET

haha yeah i suppose so...i ate play-doh before...man is that stuff salty! bleh!

2002-07-08 19:32:44 ET

yeah , really salty , actually i think that what stopped me from eating it , those playdoh people really think things out q

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