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2002-07-07 23:14:31 ET

i have added a pic into the gallery , just so you may see what my hair now looks like. As i mentioned that I had trouble with colour using the web cam i had to take the pic during the day , with all my windows open, and the room light on. This made it impossible to see half of my face ( the half facing the windows is less visible and the color of my hair still doesn't look like what it looks like outside :(
But I tried my best !

2002-07-07 23:16:50 ET

i will try to take some pictures outside soon with a real camera , so you can see the actual color

2002-07-07 23:18:44 ET

looks good. or is it just you? ;)

2002-07-07 23:22:00 ET

very nice

2002-07-07 23:24:31 ET

that picture is not one of my best ones.. trust me

2002-07-07 23:25:47 ET

it even gets better? wow

2002-07-07 23:27:35 ET

ack ! not good with compliments ..
umm THANKS !

2002-07-07 23:34:23 ET

:) that wasnt a compliment. that was a statement of fact.
dont thank me, cuz I am not good with these things eather.

:D just one more thing WOW! :)

2002-07-07 23:35:44 ET

no , no , no
Wrong journal, you're looking for SIS

2002-07-07 23:38:51 ET

oh Sis knows what I think of her
I know what I see. and dont blush (did you?)

2002-07-07 23:39:08 ET

Agreed with Olorin. THE FACT:

2002-07-07 23:41:25 ET

No , i don't blush or anything like that . Whenever i get shy i just get really quiet and usually just give a slight smile instead of answering questions.. It normally only happens when I'm around unknown people. Once i get comfortable though, its hard to get me to shut up

2002-07-07 23:42:07 ET

mlskdjiikedn!!! damn it Malk !

2002-07-07 23:42:58 ET

u see? I'm not the only one. Well done Malkavian :)

2002-07-07 23:43:36 ET

mmm mmm yummy! :-*

2002-07-07 23:43:59 ET

you can say what you want , but i still think its a bad picture

2002-07-07 23:45:28 ET

it's not that bad of a picture...i think you're tastey anyway :-P

2002-07-07 23:46:38 ET

It is nice.

2002-07-07 23:48:18 ET

and my fellow drinker Furax has joined in! Vix, you don't stand a chance. you are yummy.

2002-07-07 23:48:56 ET


2002-07-07 23:50:17 ET


2002-07-07 23:51:02 ET

Furax should be on my side , I've known him longer !!

2002-07-07 23:52:05 ET


2002-07-07 23:52:59 ET

wanna know who i think is HOTT ..
SYKO , TASHA , Rustload and SIS
I have yet to meet rustload and SiS IRL but , syko /tasha = yum

2002-07-07 23:54:03 ET

well, even he cannot go against the truth :p

2002-07-08 00:03:07 ET

i'm sorry vix...but i really do think you're pretty.

2002-07-08 00:05:22 ET

Pink hair is the very definition of sex. Honest.

2002-07-08 03:10:44 ET

You look faboo, darling :)

2002-07-08 03:41:14 ET

the pic came out nicely, and your hair looks a little purply which is pretty cool

2002-07-08 07:30:41 ET

its really more of a redish fushia .. I will go outside soon !!! wait my digicam sucks ass too ... but i will take pics anyway

2002-07-08 07:57:22 ET

digicams can be iffy outdoors...but I think I can safely say any pics will be greatly appreciated :)

2002-07-08 08:52:38 ET

the new hair rocks! (and it's a great pic, too)

2002-07-08 13:52:25 ET

Vix, who is that girl in the new pic you posted?

2002-07-08 18:21:16 ET

shush Lore ! hehehe
*tickles lore till he pee's *
No more of this not recognizing me anymore !

2002-07-08 19:21:54 ET

Oh, we should make a banner of you :P

2002-07-08 19:27:09 ET

ummm ... no

2002-07-08 19:41:42 ET

A calendar?

2002-07-08 19:47:24 ET

NO !
* goes into hiding *

2002-07-08 20:53:02 ET

*adds Vix to the list of people to meet when in the US*

2002-07-08 22:55:09 ET

Why not?
It'd be the most adorable calendar:

Which pic should be next?

2002-07-08 22:56:37 ET

the red haired one should be added to october, same colour of the falling leaves and the hair, what do u say?

2002-07-08 23:04:58 ET

Sure! My bday is in October! Cool!

2002-07-08 23:06:13 ET

ok. all thats left is to get 10 more pics from vix :)

2002-07-09 08:06:39 ET

you guys are to much !

2002-07-11 12:26:09 ET


2002-07-11 12:26:17 ET


2002-07-11 12:28:03 ET

I HAVE A BIG SISTER !! * sobs*
THank You, for helping me find her Oprah !!

2002-07-11 16:41:54 ET

I'm still working through the lost (My Little) pony trauma.

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