2004-05-17 19:16:26 ET

I haven't posted in SOOOOOOOOOO long

UPdate me about whats going on with you!....

I will be going to San Diego for a weekend soon. Do any of you have an suggestions as to stores.. or anything fun????????????

2004-05-17 19:41:25 ET

wooo go to PB... or pacific beach going the weekend. oh the fun!

that or like hillcrest

2004-05-17 20:11:10 ET

Vix gone wild San Diego.

2004-05-18 07:57:04 ET


I called you, dork.

2004-05-19 19:09:53 ET

when ?????????????? dorkus

2004-05-19 19:16:45 ET

like, 4 weeks ago, outside of Das Bunker. :P or whenever it was.

2004-05-19 19:20:24 ET

you must have been bored

2004-05-20 08:54:54 ET

yep...had to have been, to have called YOU. :P

omg--we were at the Norton Simon the other day...wahh! you shoulda come and molested Sparky.

2004-05-20 13:47:35 ET

burn from axo

2004-05-20 16:16:22 ET

GOD DAMN...Syko is so fuckin HOTT

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