2004-11-18 17:38:33 ET

ughhhh ...
I feel SO stupid. I left my ATM card inside the Bank of America ATM. And I just realized it ... right NOW.

2004-11-18 17:51:02 ET

At least it's sort of safe there. Is it at a bank or some random machine? A bank might be able to get it to you quickly.

2004-11-18 18:01:42 ET

omg!! that sucks! i did something similar to that once!! I was lucky to even find my card!

2004-11-18 18:05:02 ET

It was at a bank, I'm hoping someone was nice enough to take it inside.

2004-11-18 18:14:33 ET

Doesn't the machine take the card if the car is left inside?

2004-11-18 18:15:40 ET

Well,thats what I'm hoping happened, but I also heard that if you don't claim it right away they sometimes shred them :/

2004-11-18 20:49:13 ET


I just lost mine this afteroon! I cancelled mine and will get another...probably after Thanksgiving.


2004-11-18 21:43:46 ET

Doesn't the machine beep like crazy, then spit out the card? I'm sure that kind of stuff happens all the time and BofA has some nice quick solution for you.

2004-11-19 17:19:47 ET

Hehehe ...
I went back to that BofA this morning and they had it !

I was so happy !

2004-11-19 17:26:28 ET

that's great!

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